Thursday, September 29, 2016

Who is Senior Benefit Services?

by: Amanda Westbrook, Marketing Manager | 9/29/16 | Senior Benefit ServicesBlogLife & Health Insurance  | | 800.627.2768

"We are often asked as a company: "What makes you different?" Beyond many things we can list is the underlying fact that we DON'T work for one insurance company - we work for YOU." -David McNerney, Company President

Who is Senior Benefit Services?
Founded in 1975, Senior Benefit Services (formerly known as Barnes Insurance Group) has grown to become one of the largest senior benefit organizations in the nation. We're an Insurance Brokerage that specializes in the Life & Health Industry with a majority of our focus on the Senior Market and people aging onto Medicare (ages 65+). However, with our large portfolio of products readily available, we can also assist anyone in the family with their insurance needs. Our portfolio includes: Medicare Products, Life Insurance, Cancer Coverage, Long Term Care, Dental/Vision/Hearing, Investments & Annuities, and MORE.

What do we do?
We stated that we are an insurance brokerage - but what does that mean? It means that out of all of those top-rated companies that you are familiar with, and may even be insured with, that we represent over 50 of them! Yes, you read that correctly. When we sit down with our clients, we are able to lay out a wide range of over 50 companies with their corresponding portfolio of products, to help figure out which one works BEST for that persons' unique and individual needs. Nobody is the same when it comes to what type of coverage they require - even husband and wife differing at times - so it's very important that we do the research to a have full, comprehensive knowledge of what's out there. 

What else makes us unique?
For starters, the average age of one of our independent agents is 25. Some may think that's "too young" or makes them "less knowledgeable." But think about these few things: 
1. The insurance market, as I'm sure you're aware, is a constantly changing market place. Therefore, no matter if you've been in the industry for 2 years or 20 years, you can never stop learning or "know enough."

2. Adding on to that - as a brokerage we're constantly required to stay informed on trends and new products, as well as participate in continuing education on a regular basis. We're schooled, trained, and experienced to provide the best services nation-wide.

3. We're here to work with you FOR LIFE. Being the younger demographic that we are, we're able to grow with you, keep you updated each year, and always be the one you can trust when it comes to your decision making and planning. In other words, we're never going anywhere!

Some final thoughts:
Our services are truly one of a kind. Yes we sell insurance, but that's not our priority. There are over 40 Million seniors in the marketplace and an shockingly low average of around 1,000 agents in each state.  We sit down with too many people that have been taken advantage of, haven't seen their agent for years, or have simply been lost alone in the sea of all this information. We offer our services at no cost to you, so let us come sit down with you and start planning.

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